Lucky Friday, the 13th

I have to say I absolutely love, LOVE this new video of “Only The Lonelythat Scott Klein of  Haywire: The Series  put together for me!

You can also view the song and the episode in its entirety in The Ties That Bind or take a gander at my previous posting: Haywire Now Playing: Misti.

The Path Cafe is always a great place to stop in and grab some good food, hang out with some great people (i.e., David who never forgets a face) and some amazing music. I’ve been asked to come back on May 25th @ 8PM.  Make sure to stay after and chat for a while.  I love making new friends :).  Cheers!

Thanks for Hangin'!

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Welcome to my Metamorphosis

Last night I sat down at the piano after a long time away… everything I played sounded dissonant.  To me that signified a gateway to change.  The moment right before everything comes to and the molecules are scrambling around trying to piece things together in their correct form to create those elements that really count.  That’s what I felt like I was morphing into; sort of coming out of this cocoon I’ve been nesting in for so long now.  It’s right to say that it’s time for a change –something someone amazing told me recently and it resonated with my soul.  I’m (I’ve been) ready to leave that place I’ve been dwelling in and emerge with this new brilliance, newer appreciation for life.  It makes life happy-er.  I’m ready for the next move.  Let’s make new music.

One foot in front of the other...

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Good Energy, Good Music, Good People

“Coming together is a beginning…Keeping together is a progress… Working together is a success.”

This quote has been such a running theme for me in the grand scheme of things lately.  I cannot impress upon you how much truth is in this and the power in it.  Thursday night held the core of these short, but wise words and because of Gene Wexler and Alex (THE amazing engineer), I have been able to create more depth and an even more beautiful story with my songs in a fluid motion.  Finally, the tracks I have been sitting on since their initial recordings have come to find their happy ending as well as further their flourishing.

The songs “Annie” & “Costa” have a sense of self.  Rest assured Gene’s guitar and percussive talents lent a helping hand to moving things along; while Alex’s guiding nature brought everything to solid ground.  We worked together a good two hours, feeling out the emotion of each song while progressing with every new track birthing a new beat and evoking the soul of both pieces.

Gene is ever so versatile and works alongside creatively.

Alex always keeps us on track.

Amazingly enough, JC McIlwaine captured the flow throughout the session.

Undisturbing and like a fly on wall, he presents a night of working minds in the studio.  Thank you JC.  Your work is beautiful.

We showed up and the music happened.  We worked together and landed harmoniously.  We basically kicked @ss.  I couldn’t have done it without you all.  Thank you guys.  

*All photos courtesy of JC McIlwaine. “Like” me on Facebook for more photos:
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Swingin’ into November!

My LIVE appearance on The Debora Manso was a SUCCESS!  Many thanks to Miss Debora for asking me to join her & the talented Gene Wexler on her 1st show ever at BKS1Radio.comI had a wonderful time.   Thank you for having me :)!

If you didn’t see it LIVE, catch it here: click on my pic:

In the next 2 days, I have a recording session alongside Gene who will be adding his percussion and guitar skills to my tracks.  He’s taken the time out to really listen and figure out what sounds would compliment and add depth to my songs.  He is brilliant!

And remember this Friday!  I’ll be singing at The Path Cafe on Christopher Street. Check here for more information:

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Misti D’ on the Radio!

Great news for all you folks across the world!  There’ll be a live show in your living room pretty soon.  The beautiful Debora Rivas has welcomed me to her radio show online at 5PM EST, Saturday, October 22nd!  More deets to come on the “SHOWS” tab above as the day approaches.  You’ll get a live listen of me playing songs from my upcoming album as well as some new songs!  We’ll be talking shop on what our influences are whilst playing some great Jazz & Blues tunes to boot.

Ms. Rivas and I met in February of 2009 and worked briefly together on a hosting spot in New York City.  When she found out that I sang, she gave me a very welcomed call.  Looking forward to the 22nd!

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Call Me On Short Notice… I’ll Be There.

I was called upon by Gus to fill in the 10PM spot at LIC Bar and had another amazing time– this round I had my voice back and had a stellar audience.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support me. I recommend coming in on Monday nights– free buffet at 9PM, great bartender, people and very much “home”.  I look forward to going back.  Many thanks Gus. 


It’s always a great time.   Afterwards, a few of us went to the local diner to chill out and gab a bit.  Best cup of coffee ever.  Hey –maybe next time you’ll come out to hang.  😉  See you in November!

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Love me some LIC Bar & New Show!

What an awesome place to go!  If you’ve never visited LIC Bar, now is the time.  I’ll be back on Wednesday, November 9th @ 8PM.  I expect to see you there…and then stay for a drink and order in some food from the neighborhood with me. 

I played there last week and it gives such an intimate, this-place-is-like-familywith-a-rockin-bartender-who-I-called-Greg-but-his-name-is-Garrett and had an amazing time.  This gent, who’s from the neighborhood, Tom, dropped by with his son Matt and brought a pie, that afterwards when I asked him where he got the pizza, he offered me a slice & a tip!  I declined the tip, but I took the slice.  Nothing shows love like someone who offers you food.  –it’s the Italian way ;).  So thank you again Tom! 

Gus heads up the showcase and is a musician himself.  He really knows how to take care of his line-up!  I didn’t have to worry about a thing and I am ever so grateful for that.  It really takes the edge off when you have to get up there and sing.  Especially, after having the last remains of laryngitis (which is NEVER fun).  Thank you Gus.  You rock!  I hope to see you guys soon.

Here’s a little piece of the night captured by my wonderful friend Johnathan Rogers:

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Indie Intertube: “Fantastic Song Choice”

“Did you catch the lyrics of that song?” –Indie Interube

Click the link to hear what they’re saying:  Indie Intertube Episode 9

Haywire receives Pick of the Week Award!

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Haywire Now Playing: Misti

You cannot imagine how overwhelmed and verklempt I became as I tuned into the latest episode of Haywire: The Series, Episode 9.  In the end, you’ll hear my music.  …and the funny thing was, I was so into the show, I didn’t realize my song was playing.  It really came together perfectly.  Thank you Scott.

Haywire: The Ties That Bind

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Myspace is Yourspace

I posted a few of my songs on Myspace— they’re in good form, but need one more coat of love before they go to final press.  There will be a couple of enhancements made to them in the immediate future, but here’s what’s cookin’– grab a fork, and come barefoot ;):

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